Authorised and recognised activities

Swim England authorised and recognised activities as advised to insurers for clubs and affiliated/registered members apply to the following aquatic disciplines:

Training for and competitive aquatic activity as follows:

  • Swimming
  • Synchronised swimming
  • Water polo
  • Open water swimming
  • Diving

The insurance applied to the clubs/members whilst involved with the following club activities:

  • Training for competitive swimming
  • Competitive swimming
  • Teaching and skill development
  • Social activities
  • Fund raising activities
  • Administrative activities

Certain land-based fitness activities are also included for training purposes as long as the coach/teacher is appropriately qualified to deliver the session. These activities are to be agreed with your Governing Body and appropriate risk assessments and risk management records are essential. If the session involves bringing in external coaches or teachers for the activity it is also essential that you check they have the appropriate qualifications and their own insurance in place to deliver the activity.

Swim England receives numerous queries regarding which activities are covered by the insurance policy and the members of the Health and Safety Forum have drawn up the following suggested list of excluded activities for consultation.

The following list of excluded activities is not exhaustive and if you wish members to participate in any activity under the auspices of your club which are outside the core activities relating to the disciplines of swimming which your club traditionally offers please contact us on

Please note that we may need to refer the query to the panel of experts appointed by the Swim England Health and Safety Forum and the insurers therefore you should allow sufficient time for your query to be resolved before organising any such activity.

Swim England is aware that many clubs which do not traditionally offer open water swimming activities may, from time to time, wish to do so and therefore specific guidelines will be drawn up providing advice and guidance on this topic.

Excluded Sports

  • Abseiling 
  • Archery 
  • Boxing 
  • Fencing 
  • Flying and Gliding – and other forms of aerial activity 
  • Judo 
  • Martial Arts 
  • Motor Racing 
  • Mountaineering 
  • Parachuting 
  • Potholing 
  • Horse Riding 
  • Rock Climbing 
  • Roller Hockey 
  • Rugby Football 
  • Shooting 
  • Skating 
  • Skiing and other winter sports 
  • Sub – Aqua 
  • Water Skiing 
  • Weight Lifting 
  • Wrestling

Excluded Recreational Activities

  • Ballooning 
  • Bungee Jumping 
  • Para – Gliding 
  • Cliff Diving 
  • Survival and Assault Course activities 
  • Paint Ball Games
  • Inflatables and bouncy castles dry land indoor/outdoor

If you have any enquiries about your policy, please contact us.