Club Members Personal Accident Insurance

As your members are affiliated to Swim England, those aged up to 85 also benefit from a basic Personal Accident insurance - This 'no fault benefit provides cover to Swim England members for death and permanent total disablement injury whilst taking part in Swimming, Diving and aquatic activities recognised by Swim England.

A weekly temporary total disablement from the persons regular gainful employment, benefit of £75 per week (max 104 weeks) is available to all members between the ages of 15 and 65. If you wish to include a weekly benefit for all your qualifying members (those aged 15-65) please contact Howden, for a quotation.

Death £5,000
Loss of two or more limbs or both eyes or one of each £30,000
Loss of one limb or eye £30,000
Permanent and total loss of speech £30,000

Permanent and total loss of hearing

i)   In both ears

ii)  In one ear




Permanent total disablement from any gainful employment or gainful occupation for which the insured person is fitted for by education training or knowledge

A percentage shall be applied to the limit per person under permanent total disablement for some injuries and full details are included with the Club Summary of Insurance Cover provided annually



Medical Expenses necessarily incurred in the Treatment of the Insured person £100
Dental Benefits (subject to a £50 excess) £250

Please Note maximum age limit is 85 years old.

Benefits for persons aged 70 to 85 are limited to Death, Loss of Limbs/Eyes.

Dental expenses are reduced by 50% for those aged 70 and over.

Special Extensions have been included from April 2019.


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